This application allows you to mix your music and video like a pro DJ
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CuteDJ is a comprehensive audio and video mixing application that offers professional quality and a wide array of features and effects to both amateur and professional DJs. Don’t let its crammed interface hold you back – the beauty of this high-quality mixing tool is that it produces excellent results in both manual and automatic modes. Besides, it allows you to save your sessions as MP3, AIFF, and WAV files for future use.

With CuteDJ, your DJ sessions can have as much from you as you wish – you can relive the thrill of mixing music back then in the analog years or rely on its fully-automated mixing capabilities while you simply enjoy the music. You can load any number of audio and video files for mixing, and create your own mixes or let CuteDJ to figure that out for you, taking random tracks from your playlists and creating machine-perfect mixes of your favorite cuts. Karaoke files are also supported, making it the perfect tool for both professional live DJ sessions and locales that wish to offer high-quality, unattended background music.

The list of audio effects that you can apply to your audio and video tracks is just too long to reproduce here – suffice it to say that you can simulate vinyl scratching and reverse play, change the playback speed (either slower or faster), equalize the audio, fade in and out, normalize the volume, and add echo, phaser, flanger, or reverb effects, among many others. To make your mixing experience easier and more gratifying, CuteDJ incorporates automatic cue point selection, a seamless skip function, beat-match loops, auto beat matching, an many other features.

The program integrates with iTunes in a seamless and simple way, helping you to build playlists from nearly any source. This is one of the program’s biggest assets – the number of features that it provides to help you organize your audio and video collections in an intuitive way for a simpler and more intuitive mixing experience. You can search your drives for media, sort and filter all your tracks, mark them with different colors for easy reference, etc.

CuteDJ can be as easy or as complicated as you want it to be – let it mix your music for you or enjoy doing it yourself just like in the old days but in a digital environment.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Full manual and automatic mixing modes.
  • Wide array of effects and filters.
  • Supports video, audio, and karaoke files.
  • Helps you organize your music collection in playlists.
  • Records your DJ sessions and saves them as MP3, WAV, and AIFF files.
  • Beautiful graphical interface.


  • A crammed interface that may hold novice users back at first.
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