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A DJ mixer with support of music, karaoke and videos

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CuteDJ is a DJ mixer with the support for not only music but also karaoke and videos. The application’s main screen resembles that of a hardware mixer, which favors intuition. At first, you will probably feel a little overwhelmed with so many knobs, controls and lists, but, after a little while, you will start feeling more comfortable as you find your way around.

The program has three tabs with their own set of controls, according to the kind of media being played. I definitely like the dual deck, which helps you perform such operations as synchronizing two files and crossfading. Moreover, there is a separate equalizer for each track.

One of the first steps you should take is creating a media library, which you can do by importing titles directly from your hard drive or even a playlist. This allows you to find a specific file and add it to a playlist very quickly. There is the possibility of applying filters that allow you to separate media types, such as music, video, and karaoke. Once a playlist has been created, you can easily change the order of the items and identify them with various colors. It is shame, though, that the program does not have a two-playlist mode.

As to audio mixing, which is after all the main purpose of the application, it is good news that there are two modes: Manual and Automatic. So, do not worry if you are not an expert, because AutoMix will do most of the job for you. Once you create a mixing session, no matter how you did it, you can save it in case you want to use it again.

Audio effects are essential to DJ mixer, and, happily, CuteDJ comes with a lot of them. These include scratching, reverse playback, phaser, flanger, echo, reverb and normalization. Moreover, you can install plugins to use extra effects. Another valuable feature is that you can create cue points to mark a specific time in a song to which you can go back when you want to.

As the bottom line, CuteDJ can satisfy most of the needs of both professional and amateur DJs. If you feel interested in it, you can test its trial version, which has the limitation of not recording your mixes.

Pedro Castro
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  • Dual deck
  • Media type filters
  • Supports audio, karaoke and video
  • Automatic and manual modes
  • Great collection of effects
  • Support of plugins
  • Cue points


  • No two-playlist mode
  • Trial version does not record mixes
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